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Daily Horoscopes in Different Languages

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Daily Horoscopes For 10-20-2014

Aries Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Aries Horoscope “March 21<>April 19″: Your Daily Horoscope 9 — Take action for what you love. You hear about a lucky break. Accept encouragement without embarrassment. You’re making a good impression. Start from the ground up. Be assertive with your love. Let joy and abundance win.

Taurus Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Taurus Horoscope “April 20<>May 20″: Your Daily Horoscope 8 — Today has the potential for extraordinary fun (and hot romance). Your team shows off their skills. Learn by doing. Ask the family to play along. Your own wit and effort makes the difference. You can win the game.

Gemini Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Gemini Horoscope “May 21<>June 20″: Your Daily Horoscope 7 — It’s all coming together at home. Do the homework, so you know what you’re talking about. You have what you need at hand. Do what you love, well. Friends provide leads for service providers. Buy household items.

Cancer Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Cancer Horoscope “June 21<>July 22″: Your Daily Horoscope 8 — Good news arrives for your partner or mate. An unexpected bonus gets unveiled. Express your affection. You can still get what you need. Play music while you work. You’ve got an ace up your sleeve.

Leo Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Leo Horoscope “July 23<>Aug. 22″: Your Daily Horoscope 9 — Gather valuable clues and piece the puzzle together. Investigate an interesting suggestion from a friend. A beneficial development arises at work. You’re learning through experience, earning more than money. The cash isn’t bad, either.

Virgo Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Virgo Horoscope “Aug. 23<>Sept. 22″: Your Daily Horoscope 9 — You’re in your element today and tomorrow, with the Moon in your sign. Power on, and add to savings. Make a decision you’ve been avoiding. Get your teammates on board. Frugality gives you the edge. Act quickly.

Libra Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Libra Horoscope “Sept. 23<>Oct. 22″: Your Daily Horoscope 7 — Passion is definitely part of the moment. Talk about love, beauty and matters of the heart and soul. Go visit your muse. Your efforts finally show results. Friends help you make a new connection. Provide leadership.

Scorpio Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Scorpio Horoscope “Oct. 23<>Nov. 21″: Your Daily Horoscope 8 — Get social for highest impact. Express what you’re up to, ask for help where needed, and give abundant thanks. Support your team. Punch up the sexiness! The old blends with the new. Send out a call.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Sagittarius Horoscope “Nov. 22<>Dec. 21″: Your Daily Horoscope 8 — Your career could surge forward in a beautiful direction, with a little encouragement. Let your partner take the lead. Continue to push ahead and pay off bills. Keep track of the details. Do good works.

Capricorn Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Capricorn Horoscope “Dec. 22<>Jan. 19″: Your Daily Horoscope 9 — Long-distance travel makes a connection. Passion sparks career advancement. Take stock of where you’d like to be. Cast your nets wide. Never doubt your powers. Make long-term plans. Invest in efficiency. Important people are watching.

Aquarius Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Aquarius Horoscope “Jan. 20<>Feb. 18″: Your Daily Horoscope 8 — Fortune favors your actions today. Earn money and love. An opportunity arises for physical passion… dance, explore, climb, race and play for a thrill. Form a new partnership. Discover new options to grow your family resources.

Pices Daily Horoscopes For 10 20 2014Pisces Horoscope “Feb. 19<>March 20″: Your Daily Horoscope 9 — Romance is a distinct possibility. Pay attention to any and all offers. If you’ve done the homework, you can prosper. Follow your mom’s rules. Your loved ones inspire you. Talk about partnership and collaboration.

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